The economist spoke about the structure of financial pyramids

Economist Belyaev on the financial pyramid: those who come later get nothing Mikhail Belyaev told about how financial pyramids work.

When building a financial pyramid, scammers most often conclude contracts with potential victims for the manufacture of some kind of product that is not really of interest to them. explained the economist, calling it a “smokescreen.”

a layer that does not receive anything, because, in principle, the number of such people is running out, or, even more dangerous, the pyramid builders simply decide that they have already earned enough money, it is time to stop this activity and transfer funds to accounts that are inaccessible for our contacts rolling bodies “, – said Belyaev.

Earlier it became known about the Central Bank's proposal to simplify the procedure for returning funds to citizens who have suffered from fraudulent transactions. According to the regulator, in the third quarter of 2021, fraudsters stole more than 3.2 billion rubles from clients of Russian banks, which is 18.5 percent more than a year ago. At the same time, banks returned to clients only 7.7 percent of the stolen funds, that is, less than 250 million rubles.



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