The doctor named the reasons to call an ambulance for coronavirus

Doctor Vodovozov: in case of red flag symptoms, a COVID patient should call an ambulance gave reasons to call an ambulance for coronavirus.

“The infection is dome-shaped. That is, the symptoms first gradually rise to the very top, and then gradually subside downward. This should be normal when the body copes on its own, ”he said. Moreover, if there are any drastic changes in the state of the infected, then doctors help the person.

According to the specialist, there is a certain set of “red flag symptoms” that indicate a serious condition of a patient with COVID-19 and a threatening danger to him. So, first of all, you need to pay attention to the breathing of the infected. “Normally, we have a respiratory rate of 14-16 [per minute], if it goes to 30, then this is a manifestation of shortness of breath,” he explained.

Vodovozov clarified that the most important thing is to understand the dynamics. If shortness of breath increases, there is a lack of air and in order to breathe, you need to stop, then you need to urgently seek medical help, the therapist said.

Earlier in December, Deputy Director of the Medical Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Simon Matskeplishvili called a dangerous mistake in the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. According to him, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is possible to do without drugs that suppress the immune system, since the body of a patient with COVID-19 very rarely also catches a bacterial infection.



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