Scientists were surprised by the decline in the incidence of coronavirus in India and Japan

MK.RU: the decline in the incidence of coronavirus in Japan was associated with a change in patient therapy

┬╗Coronavirus infection. Moreover, three months ago, 26 thousand new cases of infection were registered per day. This is reported by MK.RU.

To date, less than 200 cases of infection are detected in Japan, and there are no deaths in patients with coronavirus.

A similar situation is observed in India. So, on December 4, 8603 cases of infection were recorded there.

Virologists linked the situation to a change in patient therapy. It is noted that in some regions it was allowed to treat patients with the cheap antiparasitic drug ivermectin.

In addition, another reason for the sharp decline in the disease, doctors called the “spoilage” of the delta strain.

Previously, an expert from the World Health Organization (WHO) Maria van Kerkhove assessed the course of COVID-19 in those infected with the omicron strain of coronavirus. According to her, the initial data indicate that those infected with the new strain carry COVID-19 in a milder form, but it is too early to draw final conclusions on this score.



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