In Russia, Biden's refusal to comply with the “red lines” was called reckless

State Duma Deputy Sheremet called Biden's refusal to observe the “red lines” reckless Biden to observe the “red lines” in international relations. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to him, the American leader demonstrates a “reckless and disregarding approach” to international relations, showing a disdainful attitude towards the interests of other states and world peace. “The US authorities are used to sowing confusion and discord throughout the world, but at our borders, we will not allow them to rule. Biden needs to understand that there is a black stripe behind the red lines, which no one needs, “Sheremet said.

The politician added that it is unacceptable to communicate with Moscow in the language of force and blackmail. He stressed that the Russian side was always ready for dialogue and stood for constructive relations with other states. “But our kindness and political decency should not be perceived as weakness. Any aggression against Russia will be suppressed in a matter of seconds even on the way to our borders. We do not advise anyone to wave a cudgel at our borders, “he said.

The deputy added that Russia has enough strength and resources to” violate the most ambitious plans of our enemies. “

Earlier Joe Biden refused to respect anyone's “red lines” on the situation with Ukraine. This statement was made by the head of the American state on the eve of a conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Thus, Biden commented on the statements that Moscow considers the deployment of weapons in Ukraine, in particular hypersonic weapons, and the approach of NATO infrastructure to the Russian borders as “red lines”. “I do not recognize anyone's red line,” the US President emphasized