Russians were named ways to protect themselves from a popular type of fraud

Avast: cybercriminals are introducing cryptominers into free versions of popular software cryptocurrencies, Russians need to be more careful about the software installed on devices. Avast experts spoke about this and, who also named other methods of protection against this popular type of fraud.

“Attackers are following the latest trends, so their interest in cryptominers is growing more and more,” said Ian Rubin, Avast malware researcher. – The latest malware is masterfully embedded in free copies of a wide variety of popular software: games, utilities, antiviruses. It is imperative to download all programs from official sources only. Many users want to save on their subscriptions – but by downloading such a cracked version, they can lose much more. ”

The company also recommended refusing to download illegal, hacked, unauthorized, repackaged copies of games, applications, antiviruses and operating systems. If you have doubts about the reliability of the software source, you should double-check the digital signature of the installer. In addition, Avast advised to beware of messages asking you to disable antivirus before or during installation of programs, since legitimate applications will never require this.

Avast Threat Labs also published a study on malware targeting Russia. mining CoinHelper. Its creators were able to “plant” malware in hacked illegal copies of hundreds of different games and programs. The cybercriminals also used such well-known programs as Google Chrome, Microsoft Office and Windows 11 to distribute CoinHelper. Avast notes that the malware has already brought its authors more than $ 330,000. Since the beginning of 2020, about 220 thousand attempts to infect Avast antivirus users using CoinHelper have been recorded.

Meanwhile, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said that the US authorities are concerned about the threat to US officials from commercial spyware. Thus, a representative of the administration commented on reports of hacking of diplomats' phones using the software of the Israeli company NSO Group.



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