New medical equipment entered the polyclinic department in Podolsk

The X-ray department in Podolsk completed the repair densitometer and mammograph. This was reported by the press service of Podolsk.

A densitometer is an X-ray machine that is used to measure the calcium saturation of bone tissue. Thanks to this device, it will be easier to diagnose osteoporosis.

The new mammograph will allow doctors to detect microcalcifications at an early stage and send the patient for diagnosis or prescribe a biopsy. Early detection of small cancerous forms will help to avoid breast removal surgery.

There are plans to install a modern digital X-ray machine for three workplaces in the department. Thanks to him, there will be no need to develop the taken picture, and all information will go straight to the computer.

The densitometry and mammography room at the Kutuzovo polyclinic department will receive the first patients in mid-January 2022. The opening of the X-ray room is scheduled for March – April 2022.