The economist spoke about the role of Nord Stream 2 in resolving the gas crisis

Economist Kolganov announced the end of the gas crisis in Europe

ended, says economist Andrei Kolganov. In a conversation with, he said that even the possible non-launch of Nord Stream 2 will not play a role in resolving the situation – the EU has a sufficient number of alternative pipelines.

Even the word “crisis” itself, According to the economist, this is an exaggeration – he said, it was more about a temporary increase in gas prices.

“The Gazprom project creates more access, but is not so critical. So the situation is not so serious as to speak about the crisis. There was a temporary increase in prices due to the ratio of supply and demand for gas. But this period is coming to an end, the situation is returning to normal. And it no longer depends on the launch or non-launch of Nord Stream 2, “Kolganov concluded.

The economist stressed that, despite the fact that the crisis is formally over, it is whatever condition does not go up, of course, it is impossible. The circumstances are unpredictable and can develop as you like.

The construction of Nord Stream 2 was completed on September 10. In early November, the Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany reported that the certification process of the gas pipeline continues, the date of completion of the procedure is still unknown.