Maxim Galkin confused subscribers with a snapshot of an unusual pedicure

Maxim Galkin showed a pedicure with the image of Mickey Mouse on Instagram

Russian TV presenter and comedian Maxim Galkin shared a picture of an unusual pedicure. Relevant shots and comments appeared on his Instagram page.

The parodist posted a photo showing a drawing on the nails, made in honor of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Walt Disney. The above frame shows that the master applied the image of the cartoon character Mickey Mouse on the thumb. “So I decided to congratulate all of us on the anniversary of the classic. Yes, and I have a name day today, ”the man signed the post.

Subscribers reacted ambiguously to the new photos of the TV presenter, about which they began to write in numerous comments. So, some fans criticized Galkin. “Don't get carried away”, “This is too much,” “I don't seem to understand the jokes,” “It's somehow not very pleasant to watch. Sorry “,” Where is the world heading? “,” Not you! ” – they spoke.

At the same time, other fans appreciated Galkin's humor. “Scream”, “Original congratulations”, “I have not seen men's legs on Instagram yet”, “The post is funny, but the comments are even better”, “What beautiful nails”, “Maxim, you are a provocateur, I present your comments,” the users wrote .

In November, Russian singer Nikolai Baskov surprised fans with a bright manicure. The musician showed a new tattoo on his neck in the form of a goblet with the inscription “Voice”, as well as nails painted with black varnish. “Everyone has an easy week and don't be afraid to experiment,” he captioned the image.