The deceased Nodar Jinchvelashvili was recognized by the court as a thief in law

In Vologda, the court found thief in law Jinchvelashvili posthumously guilty

in the underworld as Shoshiya and who passed away in September. This was reported to “” in the united press service of the regional courts.

As the court established, from April 12 to September 19, 2019, Dzhinchvelashvili occupied the highest position in the criminal hierarchy in the Vologda region. He was crowned in 1986 at a thieves' meeting, in which the thief in law Nonikashvili, who was serving a sentence with him in correctional labor colony No. 39 of the Georgian SSR, took part.

In 1995, Jinchvelashvili moved to Cherepovets and from there spread his influence over the entire Vologda region and the city of Kotlas in the Arkhangelsk region. He appointed overseers from among the proxies: from 1995 to 2019, Sinitsyn followed Cherepovets and was the holder of the thieves' common fund; in 2019, his close associate Kodua was looking after Vologda, Zhurkin was looking after Veliky Ustyug and Kotlas.

In 2019, at a thieves' meeting, Jinchvelashvili by phone supported Antipenko, who was serving a sentence in IK No. 12 in Sheksna, and confirmed his status as an overseer for the convicts.

Jinchvelashvili also maintained international criminal ties with thieves in law living in other regions of Russia and Turkey, called them up and participated in gatherings. In 2008, the authority was detained by law enforcement officers at a gathering of criminals on the Moscow-70 motor ship during a trip to the Klyazminskoye reservoir in the Moscow region. He confirmed his status as a thief in law by officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The widow, son and mother of the deceased authority insisted on his acquittal. They stated that Jinchvelashvili did not admit his guilt, claiming that he did not know the concepts of a thief in law, a thieves' law, a thieves' common fund and a thieves' meeting. He did not occupy the highest position in the criminal hierarchy, did not have a criminal status, does not maintain contact with thieves in law.

Nevertheless, the court found Jinchvelashvili guilty under Article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Occupying the highest position in the criminal hierarchy” ) and discontinued the criminal case in connection with his death.

Antipenko, Zhurkin, Kodua and Sinitsyn were sentenced to eight years in a special and strict regime colony.