Malakhov explained his interest in work as a talk show host

Malakhov said that his mission is to help people on talk shows “Russia 1” Andrei Malakhov explained why, over 20 years of work in talk shows, he has not lost interest in such programs. The journalist admitted that he sees his mission in helping people through television. The journalist wrote about this in his Instagram story.

Malakhov recalled that his path as a talk show host began in 2001 with the Big Laundry program. He asked the subscribers how they think what motivates him to work in the same genre for so many years. According to Malakhov, money or the prestige of the profession does not interest him.

“You like it”, “Interesting”, “Your vocation”, “Mission”, “Leave a trace in history”, “Various work”, – suggested the presenter's subscribers, with which he agreed. “Over the years, I have observed thousands of different situations that happened to people: ups, downs, tragedies, victories. I clearly understood for myself 20 years ago: I am interested in a person, “he said, adding that for this reason he has been” exploring human destinies “all this time.

In addition, Malakhov noted that over the years communicating with various people was able to understand what a person needs in order to start moving on and realize his dream.

Earlier, Malakhov spoke about his desire to leave television at the beginning of his career. Working on TV has always been his childhood dream, but when he, while still a student at Moscow State University, began his career in television, it turned out that his ideas about the work of television center employees were different from reality.