In Crimea, the queen of the Chrysanthemum Ball was chosen

In the Nikitsky Garden in Crimea, the queen of the Bala chrysanthemum is the variety “Running on the Waves” … This year the chrysanthemum of the “Running on the Waves” variety became the queen of the ball, it was chosen by online voting. This is reported on the site of the garden.

“The variety is very long-blooming, not only in the open field, it is an economic valuable trait, but it also retains decorative qualities for a very long time when cut, that is, in water up to three weeks “, – said Natalya Smykova, a researcher at the floriculture laboratory of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, about the queen of the ball.

It is noted that about 500 flowers fought for the title of the winner, and she was chosen for two months. A “cavalier”, a flower of the “Admiral Alferyev” variety, was also assigned to her. Admiral Igor Alferyev himself, after whom the variety is named, also came to the ball with his wife.

The traditional Chrysanthemum Ball began in Crimea at the end of October. For the event, a photo zone of fresh flowers was installed there – a panel in the form of a large-flowered chrysanthemum. The flowers were planted according to a compiled scheme: the background was made of chrysanthemums with burgundy flowers, and white and yellow varieties of chrysanthemums were used to depict the petals. The center of the composition was represented by Sprenger's asparagus.