Gas pipeline caught fire in Iranian explosion

Mehr News: an explosion near a gas pipeline in Tehran started a fire Shad Abad in the southwest of Tehran. Mehr News writes about this with reference to local sources.

It is assumed that the cause of the explosion could be damage to the pipe during repair work. Fire brigades are working at the scene. According to the latest information, the fire was localized.

No information about the victims is provided, representatives of the Tehran Gas Company claim that there are none. Gas was cut off in the area near the explosion site, according to agency sources.

At the same time, earlier, on November 29, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkmenistan signed an agreement on gas supplies. According to them, Tehran undertakes to supply Baku with as much gas as the Turkmen side will supply to the Iranian side. The Tehran gas company does not disclose whether the fire that has occurred could affect a specific agreement, nor does it say how serious the damage to the gas pipeline is.