Gamaleya Center appreciated chewing gum created to neutralize COVID-19 in saliva

Virologist Altstein called the US-made chewing gum to neutralize COVID-19 useful

saliva may be helpful. This is how the virologist of the Gamaleya Center Anatoly Altstein assessed the development in an interview with the radio station “Moscow Says.” Their development is based on the ACE2 protein, which was grown using genetic technology.

“I think it's harmless. There were already mouthwashes that contained a chemical that could inactivate the virus. These are all such harmless remedies that are useful. They reduce the concentration of this virus in the mouth. When a person coughs, he will have less virus flying, “said Altstein.

He stressed that the development of scientists will not fundamentally change the treatment of coronavirus infection, since the virus will not be weakened with chewing gum and its amount will not be greatly reduced.

At the same time, the specialist noted, thanks to chewing gum, the amount of the virus can be reduced. “Such funds are inexpensive, harmless and can be used simply as chewing gum or mouthwash,” Altstein summed up.

Earlier, virologist Sergei Voznesensky appreciated the discovery by Chinese scientists of the 35B5 monoclonal antibody. According to him, it is a means for treating patients in the early stages, such drugs are prescribed in infectious forms.