Foreigners and Russians scolded the Prada fashion house for the photo of Ivleeva on his Instagram

Netizens did not rate the photo with Anastasia Ivleeva on Prada's Instagram account

Foreign and Russian netizens scolded the Prada fashion house for posting photos TV presenter Anastasia Ivleeva in her official Instagram account. Corresponding comments appeared on the social network on Monday, December 6.

The 30-year-old blogger was captured at a party organized by the Prada brand in a shiny gray set of cropped bodycon long sleeve, pleated skirt and a small black bag with rhinestones. Her entire look consisted of wardrobe items from the Italian brand.

Prada fans did not appreciate the choice of model for publication. “Everything is very bad”, “We made a little mistake with Ivleeva”, “Yeah. Loshizm “,” What a shame “,” What's wrong with her hand “, – said Russian-speaking users. English-speaking commentators also supported them: “What happened to Prada? Oh my God, this is disgusting “,” Are you serious? Is this really Prada? ”“ What a poor choice of models. I love Prada too much to look at it. ”

In addition, TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who put on a ridiculous headdress for the same party, also became the object of jokes on the social network. In the footage posted on the Prada account, she poses in tight-fitting trousers and a jacket with a deep neckline, as well as a black lace cap. “A cap for swimmers?”



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