EU extended sanctions for violation of human rights against citizens of Russia and China

The Council of the EU has extended until 2022 sanctions for violation of human rights against 14 individuals

The Council of the European Union (EU) has extended until December 2022 sanctions for violation of human rights against 14 individuals, including against citizens of Russia and China. This message was posted on the commission's website.

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“The sanctions will continue to apply to all individuals and legal entities listed so far, with the exception of one deceased, as a result of which there will be a total of 14 individuals and four legal entities on the list,” statement.

Everyone on this list is prohibited from entering the EU, their bank accounts in the EU are frozen. Legal entities are denied access to investment and credit in the EU.

In March, the EU Council of Foreign Ministers approved sanctions against 11 people, including citizens of Russia, China and Libya, for human rights violations. Later it became known that two security officials from Chechnya fell under the restrictions: the vice-premier of the republic, the commander of the Terek unit Abuzaid Vismuradov and the ex-chief of police in the city of Argun Ayub Kataev. They are accused of violating human rights in the world, including the “persecution of Chechen LGBT representatives.”



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