Berlin techno wanted to assign UNESCO World Heritage status

DJs asked to grant Berlin techno UNESCO World Heritage status

DJs, musicians and representatives of German clubs wanted to grant Berlin techno UNESCO World Heritage status. This is reported by The Guardian.

Artists believe that the new status is important for the future of this musical genre. They have already sent an appeal to the UN.

DJ Alan Oldham noted that techno is now under threat, and the pandemic and authentication are hampering the development of “free, wild, creative Berlin.” If granted World Heritage status, the Berghain and Tresor Clubs will be protected and considered cultural sites, Oldham said. “So many establishments have closed in the seven years of my life here. In other cities this would be considered the natural cycle of clubs, but Berlin is a different place. Here, club and creative scenes are the currency of the city, “the DJ said.

It is noted that the recognition of techno will open access to government subsidies and other sources of funding, and clubs will receive additional protection. Producer Peter Kirn said that the genre is still an integral part of Berlin life, while in other cities people would hardly accept such “complicated and strange” music.