An elderly Russian woman disappeared during transportation to a COVID hospital

In Kurgan, a pensioner was lost during transportation from a hospital to a COVID hospital COVID hospital in Kurgan. Relatives are looking for an elderly Russian woman for six months. The woman's granddaughter told about the incident.

The girl explained that her grandmother was hospitalized in July after a fall and a stroke. Later, the elderly woman confirmed the coronavirus and it was decided to transfer her to the city hospital number 2.

“She was taken there by ambulance. The last time we talked, my grandmother was calm and well, “said a relative of the missing Russian woman.

The girl claims that the guard of the medical institution did not stop her grandmother when she was getting ready to go home late at night. The man justified himself by saying that the pensioner refused to be hospitalized.

The volunteers of the LizaAlert detachment joined the search for the Russian woman. They tracked the phone of an elderly woman, whose signal was cut off in Ryabkovo. They also checked the local river, but the grandmother was not found there.

The press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Kurgan region said that the pensioner was put on the local and federal wanted list.

Earlier in the city of Vyborg, Leningradskaya In the region, an elderly woman with oncology who passed the blockade, in a state of despair, performed an operation on herself – she cut her stomach with a knife to release the fluid accumulated there. Before that, she left a suicide note.



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