A popular blogger spoke about a failed career in America

Blogger Amiran Sardarov said that he failed in America due to ignorance of English

career in America, where he left at the beginning of 2020. On YouTube's Main Event Podcast, he revealed the reason for his failure. According to the blogger, his lack of knowledge of the English language prevented him.

“When you come, you don’t speak English, when you’re an emigrant, and even if they know your background, you made the show with slaps in the face of the world recognizable (project“ Stone faces “on the YouTube channel” Khach's Diary “- approx.” Lenta.ru “) – at first they are happy and positively perceive you,” Sardarov explained.

However, when comes to negotiations, partners lose interest in the blogger and refuse to cooperate on barter if he does not speak English. “And you leave, and your manager who speaks English receives a check for the collaboration of 70-100 thousand dollars,” the blogger said.

According to Sardarov, it is impossible to be friends with Americans without knowing English. At the same time, he noted that in order to succeed in America and acquire contacts, you need at least 5-10 years.

“For the first time, if there is money, America will love and accept you. But if there is no money, and the money ends there very quickly, it is extremely difficult to build something, “the blogger concluded.

Earlier, Sardarov confirmed rumors about a wedding with the granddaughter of the former President of Uzbekistan, Mariam Tillyaeva. The wedding ceremony took place in Las Vegas.

Sardarov became famous on the network thanks to his YouTube channel “Khach's Diary”, which has almost six million subscribers. In 2019, he entered the top 10 highest paid stars of Runet according to Forbes.



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