A path to an ancient alpine temple to be arranged in North Ossetia

The Zruga church in North Ossetia will be restored by 2022 will be restored by 2022. TASS writes about this with reference to the Acting Minister of Construction and Architecture of the Republic, Konstantin Morgoev.

It is noted that the restoration of the Zruga temple began in 2020, it is being carried out in preparation for the celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the baptism of Alania. So, the collapse of the building has already been eliminated and the bank protection of the Zrugdon river flowing through the gorge has been carried out. In the near future, it is planned to equip the entrance to the church.

‚ÄúThis, perhaps, the most iconic of the restored cultural heritage sites, dating back to the XI-XII centuries, is unique both for North Ossetia and for the whole of Russia. The Zruga Church is one of the most ancient Orthodox churches in our country that have survived to this day. It is located in the highlands, in an inaccessible place, and we plan to lay a tourist trail there, “Morgoev noted.

The Zrugsky temple is located in the Zrug tract in the Alagir region of North Ossetia at an altitude of 2.1 thousand meters above sea level on the ancient pass route to Transcaucasia. The remains of the paintings that have survived on the walls of the temple date back to the 12th century. Today, only the red outlines of the images remain of the frescoes depicting scenes from the Holy Scriptures, however, they are of great value.

Earlier in November, the artists of North Ossetia Aslan Khetagurov and Zakhar Valiev created the largest street mosaics in Russia in the Byzantine style. For more than two years Russians have been hand-collecting four huge mosaic icons from smalt. They depict Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, Nicholas the Wonderworker and George the Victorious.



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