The presenter of Channel One showed premium repairs in the parents' apartment

The host of Channel One Mikheeva showed her parents' apartment with a fireplace and expensive appliances , which she made in her parents' apartment in Mezhdurechensk (Kemerovo region). Housing design was developed by specialists who are already familiar with Mikheeva from work in her capital apartment.

“In the summer I gave my parents an apartment, which I had been doing with my favorite designer for almost a year,” Mikheeva wrote and thanked her brother, who helped find an apartment and “carried out one of the most complicated deals in Mezhdurechensk.”

The two-story dwelling is equipped with an electric fireplace and a large sofa, the kitchen is equipped with high-quality expensive appliances. The apartment has two bedrooms – one for the owners of the house and the other for their guests. Mikheeva and her designer thought about storage space for clothes, jewelry, and other things. The spaciousness of the home and its illumination are striking.

At the end of the video, Mikheeva showed the parents' reaction to the renovation of the apartment. “Stunned! – the TV presenter's father could not restrain his emotions. “The refrigerator is empty, we need to fill it,” he joked. “I'm happy,” added Mikheeva herself. “Parents, it seems, too.”

Earlier Mikheeva named the most unpleasant thing about the coronavirus infection. According to her, her mood constantly changed during her illness, in addition, she was upset when she stopped distinguishing between smells and tastes, and the presenter also lost her appetite.