The man bet 685 rubles on the races and became rich by 27 million

The man won 27 million rubles at the races and decided to buy his own racehorse sterling (685 rubles) at the races and became rich by 281 thousand pounds (27.4 million rubles). This is reported by the Daily Mirror.

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The 58-year-old lucky man said that with the money he won, he decided to buy his own racehorse and go with his wife on a trip to New Zealand. “I've always said that if I won big, I would like to invest in a real racehorse, so now I have a chance. I would like a good racehorse and, perhaps, I will offer Donald McCain (British horse trainer – commentary ) to train it. My next dream is to win the Grand National competition, “said the man.

According to McCain, he closely followed the progress of the competition and immediately noticed the winner. The coach noted that he would be happy to work with the man and his horse.

Earlier it was reported that a player from the Australian city of Newcastle, New South Wales, mistakenly bet ten times more than planned on the races and won a large sum of money. His bet was winning, and the man received 621.8 thousand Australian dollars (34.6 million rubles).