The legend of Soviet gymnastics explained the fears of modern athletes

Olympic champion in gymnastics Lidia Ivanova: the feeling of fear was not brought up in us “” explained the fear that modern athletes experience during training and performances.

The former gymnast reacted to the words of the absolute world champion Angelina Melnikova that in training, when performing elements, it is scary every day. “Well, Angelina has an incredible complexity! We were not afraid to the same degree as the current gymnasts. We did not do such complex elements, there was some kind of gradual training. You make an element on the uneven bars and constantly hone and improve it. Therefore, the feeling of fear was not brought up in us, “Ivanova noted.

She added that the difference between the current artistic gymnastics and that of the 1950s and 1960s is colossal. “It is difficult to find a quantity that would measure how gymnastics has reincarnated and become more complex. What will happen next is incomprehensible to the mind. The most valuable thing is that we see progress in the elements, but the struggle for quality remains the same, ”the ex-athlete explained.

Ivanova became the champion of the 1956 and 1960 Olympics in the team all-around. She also won the world championship twice in the team. After completing her sports career, Ivanova began to train, and now works as a commentator on television.