Pope with shame admitted mistakes of Catholics and apologized to Orthodox

Pope Francis asked forgiveness from God and the Orthodox for their mistakes

Pope Francis asked forgiveness from God and the Orthodox for the mistakes made many Catholics. He stated this during a meeting with the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church Jerome II during a visit to Greece, Vatican News reports.

According to him, it was allowed that the fruitfulness was threatened by divisions. The Pope noted that history has its own weight. “And today here I feel the need to again ask for forgiveness from God and from the brothers for the mistakes committed by many Catholics,” he stressed.

Francis also spoke about the “weeds of suspicion” that divided Catholics and Orthodox Christians after which in both churches stopped “cultivating communion”, He also “with shame” acknowledged that contact between Christians was weakened, in part, due to the actions of the Catholic Church, which were far from the gospel teachings.

In addition, the pontiff urged Christians not to fear each other, but to help each other, worship God and serve others, without engaging in proselytism and fully respecting the freedom of the other.

Earlier it was reported that a Greek priest staged a protest against visit of Pope Francis to Greece and called him a heretic. An elderly man appeared before the Pope's meeting with the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in the Athenian Archdiocese. “Papa, are you a heretic?” The priest began to shout as Pope walked to the archdiocese. He managed to utter the phrase three times before the police took him away. It is noted that he is a regular participant in rallies.



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