The doctor spoke about ways to revive sex in marriage

Sexologist Kulgavchuk: the quality of sleep affects the sex life of partners sex in marriage and listed ways to revive an intimate life.

First of all, the doctor noted, the quality of sleep affects the sexual life of partners. Sharing nights in the same bed can lead to quarrels, discontent and lack of sleep, since often partners prevent each other from sleeping soundly, for example, because they are actively tossing and turning in their sleep. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure comfort while sleeping together, Kulgavchuk emphasizes.

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To do this, it is necessary to choose a bed wide enough so that none of the parterres is burdened by the presence of the other. “On the bed, where everyone does not have enough space, over time, negative associations can accumulate for the second person in the format” he or she interferes with my sleep, “the doctor explained.

Snoring is a common problem. The lover who has to put up with the hoarse sound that occurs in the partner's nasopharynx during sleep may complain of fatigue and fatigue, such quarrels can lead to a scandal or separation. “In such cases, it is imperative to treat the sleep disorder or get rid of snoring. Treatment can include both weight loss programs and reducing the effects of factors that contribute to snoring, such as alcohol consumption, “explained Kulgavchuk.

The sexologist also suggests turning to separate sleep. In his opinion, separate bedrooms will help partners feel much more comfortable.

Kulgavchuk touched upon the topic of intimate life and places for sexual games. He emphasized that sex does not have to be associated with sleep and nighttime. The sexologist believes that it is possible to set aside time for such a date during the day. “If a couple initially sleeps in different bedrooms, then you can come to visit each other for a small date,” Kulgavchuk noted.

clothes or ask your lover for a massage. Such things will help you to relax, tune in a romantic mood, and also forget offenses.



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