The doctor named a way to protect against the omicron-strain of coronavirus

Doctor Yedelev: an effective way not to get infected with the omicron strain is vaccination with “Sputnik V” omicron-strain of coronavirus on the air of the program “Svoya Pravda” on the NTV channel.

According to the doctor, there is only one effective way not to become infected with the new strain – vaccination with Sputnik V. He noted that health workers in South Africa have been vaccinated by Johnson & Johnson. ‚ÄúThis is a vector vaccine that is very similar to Sputnik V. Doctors in South Africa do not get sick. Johnson & Johnson is working, so Sputnik V will also work, “he concluded.

Earlier, Olga Tkacheva, the chief geriatrician of the Russian Ministry of Health, said that proper nutrition and vaccinations would help older Russians reduce the risk of contracting a new South African strain of coronavirus … The vaccinated will have an immune response to the omicron-strain, since the virus itself remains the same.



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