Tarasova did not see the sports potential of Plushenko's son

Coach Tarasova said that she does not yet see the sports potential of Plushenko's son sports son of two-time Olympic champion in figure skating Evgeni Plushenko Alexander. She shared her opinion on the air of the Secret for a Million program on NTV.

When asked by TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva about Plushenko Jr.'s abilities, Tarasova replied that at the moment she does not see the sports potential of the seven-year-old skater. “I don't really see the potential yet. He skates well. I think we just need to keep quiet a little, for two years to be silent, “the honored coach summed up.

In September, netizens were unhappy with Plushenko's son's training with a broken arm in a cast on the ice. Some of the fans supported Plushenko Sr., believing that this was the only way he could raise a champion. However, some users urged the guardianship authorities to take a closer look at the methods of raising a child, criticizing them and calling them cruel.

Plushenko Jr. is known online as the Gnome Gnomych. He is engaged in figure skating, participates in ice shows. The athlete also has advertising contracts.



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