Russians were warned of abnormally “severe weather” in a number of regions

Vilfand: severe weather with frosts of up to 20-29 degrees awaits a number of Russian regions

severe weather in several regions. He told TASS about this.

According to him, very cold weather will come in the Northwestern Federal District. He explained that there will be very noticeable anomalies – the temperature will be 8-10 degrees below normal in the next three days. So, in the Murmansk region and Karelia it will be minus 17-22 degrees, and in the Vologda region – up to minus 29 degrees. In the Leningrad region, the temperature will drop to minus 14-19 degrees.

In the Yaroslavl and Ivanovo regions, the temperature will be 15-20 degrees below zero at night, Vilfand said. The forecaster noted that the Kirov region and the Perm Territory will also face frosts. The temperature will drop to 25-28 degrees below zero, which is 10-13 degrees below normal. Cold weather will come to the regions of the Ural Federal District, where the temperature will immediately drop by 15 degrees and will be lower than the climatic norm by 7-8 degrees.

a year in Moscow the snow cover can reach 17 centimeters. “On New Year's Eve, there will be warming in Moscow, but not to positive values. I think it will be somewhere in the range of minus 5-10 degrees. This is presumably and is based only on numerous meteorological observations, “Tereshonok said. According to him, the probability of snowfall on New Year's Eve is 25 percent.



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