Russian “Gibka-S” was called an analogue of the Polish complex

Defense Express: the Russian air defense system “Gibka-S” can be called an analogue of the Polish Poprad

complex (SAM) “Gibka-S”. In the publication of the information and consulting agency Defense Express, the complex was compared with the Polish Poprad air defense system.

“In general terms, the Russian Gibka-S complex can be called an analogue of the Polish short-range air defense system Poprad,” writes Defense Express. The publication notes that “Gibka-S” and Poprad have a similar architecture. The vehicles received portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADS) mounted on a vehicle chassis. The armored car also carries fire control equipment.

Earlier, Bekkhan Ozdoev, industrial director of the cluster of weapons, ammunition and special chemistry of the state corporation Rostec, announced the readiness of the Gibka-S air defense missile system for serial production. The complex was tested in 2019.

The “Gibka-S” air defense system is based on the “Gibka” guided weapons complex, which was adopted in 2006. The self-propelled complex on the VPK-233116 chassis can use Igla-S and Verba MANPADS. The air defense system includes the vehicles of anti-aircraft gunners' squads and the command and reconnaissance vehicle of the platoon commander.

In August, the Izvestia newspaper reported that the Russian military would receive the Verba MANPADS. This complex works on the “fire and forget” principle. The ammunition of the complex received a homing head operating in the infrared and optical ranges.



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