Olivier and herring under a fur coat have risen in price in Russia

Rosstat: a grocery set for Olivier salad has risen in price by 15 percent over the year … This is reported by Izvestia with reference to Rosstat data on average retail prices for October.

So, a salad for four servings in 2021 will cost 416 rubles, which is 15 percent more expensive than in 2020. To determine the Olivier index, the department usually uses the following salad recipe: canned cucumbers (500 grams), green peas (380 grams), potatoes (500 grams), carrots (200 grams), chicken eggs (four pieces), boiled sausage (300 grams) , mayonnaise (200 grams) and onions (100 grams).

Over the year, all the ingredients of the salad have risen in price, with canned vegetables, peas, and boiled sausage having a minimum growth of nine percent. The prices for potatoes (almost 80 percent), carrots (41 percent), onions (33 percent), eggs and mayonnaise (28 percent) rose the most.

Herring under a fur coat will cost 209 rubles, which is more, than last year, by 25 percent. For the New Year's table, Rosstat offers the following recipe: salted herring (350 grams), potatoes (400 grams), beets (350 grams), carrots (200 grams), chicken eggs (2 pieces), onions (100 grams), mayonnaise ( 300 grams).

For the year, the herring itself has risen in price by 11 percent. The cost of the rest of the ingredients changed more actively.

Food inflation in Russia by the end of November was ten percent. The Ministry of Agriculture has already prepared measures that should slow down the increase in prices next year.

In early November, experts reported an increase in the “borscht index” in Ukraine. It has become more expensive to prepare a traditional dish due to the rise in prices for the main products in its composition. Compared to October 2020, the index increased by 5.5 percent. The biggest increase in prices was for carrots (by 62.43 percent), carrots (by 35.01 percent) and cabbage (by 34.87 percent).



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