Matvienko considered it unacceptable to impose an LGBT agenda on Russia

Federation Council Speaker Matvienko: Russia considers it unacceptable to impose values ​​alien to it

Russia considers it unacceptable to impose LGBT agendas and other alien values ​​on it. According to Interfax, this was stated by Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko during her visit to Bahrain.

“They are trying to impose on us values ​​that are alien to us. And not only to us, but in the whole world. These are the rights of sexual minorities and the fact that 85 genders have already been counted in Europe. This is unacceptable for us. We consider it unacceptable to impose on a country without taking into account its history, faith, religion, its national characteristics, contrived standards, invented by someone, the promotion of unacceptable, as they say, values, ”Matvienko said.

At a meeting with the head of the Chamber of Deputies of the National Assembly of Bahrain, Fauzia Abdullah Zeynal Matvienko, she noted that Moscow will always take a clearly nationally-oriented position. At the same time, according to her, Russia “firmly adheres to its national values, the traditional family, and our children are the main priority of state policy.”

Ben Saleh Al-Saleh. She noted that what is happening in a number of countries “reaches the point of absurdity.” In particular, this applies to situations when, during the formation of the government, quotas are set for representatives of the LGBT community.

“Or a decision is made, say, on the New York Stock Exchange: those who will be quoted on the boards of directors of these enterprises there must be a representative of the LGBT community. This is already such an imposition at the state level, and even interference in private business. An absolutely unacceptable ideology for us, “concluded Matvienko.

Earlier, Matvienko called the words about a possible Russian attack on Ukraine a lie. In her opinion, there are no grounds for such allegations. At the same time, the politician called such a statement “dirty politics” and “hysteria for their own purposes.”



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