Klitschko offered to fight ice with snow

Mayor of Kiev Klitschko promised to sprinkle Kiev roads with snow to fight ice with ice. The journalists of the Focus edition drew attention to an unexpected method found by the former boxer and aired on the Kiev TV channel.

“Whenever it snows, we have Kiev – a solid crust. All services have been warned, we will sprinkle with snow, clear as quickly as possible, at night, during the day. That is, everyone is prepared, we are waiting, “Klitschko said.

The head of the Ukrainian capital suggested that the people of Kiev use public transport more often and promised that in this case, residents would spend less time in traffic jams and save time. In addition, he recalled the need to change summer tires to winter ones.

Earlier, Klitschko estimated the likelihood of a power outage in the Ukrainian capital this winter. In the opinion of the mayor, in case of prolonged frosts, the city may have rolling blackouts, which, as noted by the mayor of Kiev, has not happened in the city for 20 years.



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