Britain is interested in traces of cocaine that have appeared in parliament

House of Commons Speaker Hoyle: Britain is investigating possible use of cocaine in parliament drug use at Westminster Palace. Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle said this, as reported by TASS with reference to the Times journalists.

In particular, next week the House Commission will discuss the problem and ways to solve it. It is possible that the number of service dogs will be increased. It is possible that animals capable of detecting drugs will appear in the building.

The statement was made after traces of cocaine were found in 11 of 12 locations in Westminster Palace. This includes toilets, which are located in close proximity to the private offices of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Interior Minister Priti Patel.

Some sources of the Times clarified that a number of members of parliament used cocaine at private parties in the presence of their colleagues. According to this version, he was brought to parliament by a drug dealer registered as an assistant to one of the ex-parliamentarians, who himself was engaged in the resale of cocaine.