Belarus saw the benefits of military cooperation between Russia and China

Head of the State Military Industry Committee of Belarus: cooperation between Russia and China will neutralize the impact of sanctions cooperation with Russia and China in the field of the military industry. In his opinion, this will help neutralize the impact of Western sanctions on Belarusian enterprises in the industry. RIA Novosti reports.

On the air of the ONT TV channel, Pantus expressed the opinion that “sanctions are imposed by weak people against the strong” and in these conditions Minsk is faced with the task of “proving to the whole world that we are capable of working, including under the yoke of these sanctions.” “And, of course, we have partners, such as the Russian Federation, China, together with whom we have organized work in such a way as to minimize the sanctions as much as possible,” said Pantus.

Speaking about the impact of sanctions on the work of enterprises in the industry, Pantus admitted that in the future, new packages of sanctions will follow from the Western countries. According to him, Minsk is very scrupulous about the sanctions. “Our most important task is to mobilize forces and resources in order to be better,” said the head of the State Committee for Military Industry.

On December 5, Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko announced the introduction of retaliatory measures against sanctions from Western countries. According to him, Minsk will announce them in the coming days after the weekend. He added that the response measures will be “absolutely adequate” and “symmetric”.

Earlier, during a meeting, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demanded that the country's authorities develop anti-sanction measures in a military manner and without red tape.

On December 2, due to the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border, the European Union adopted the fifth package of sanctions against Minsk. It included more than 25 individuals and legal entities, including the Belavia airline and the Grodno Azot and Belarusneft enterprises. New restrictive measures against Belarus were also introduced by the United States and Britain.



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