An unexpected version of the appearance of the omicron-strain of coronavirus was announced

Discoverer of the omicron strain: the virus could be transmitted from the owner to his animal and back

infected from its host and then infected it with a mutated version. This unexpected version of the emergence of a new variation of a dangerous disease was voiced by the discoverer of the omicron strain, director of the T.H. Harvard School of Public Health. Chana Sikhulile Moyo. Bloomberg reports.

“We are still trying to understand how so many mutations of the coronavirus happened in such a short period of time,” Moyo said. “If you look at the previous strains, you will understand that they have accumulated over time.” longer than usual. Another hypothesis being studied boils down to the fact that the virus was transmitted from a person to his pet, relatively quickly adapted to a new host, after which a reverse infection with an already heavily mutated version occurred.

In the meantime, it became known that in suffering from arterial hypertension, rapid infection with coronavirus is aggravated and a more severe course of infection in the body develops. Experts noted that hypertensive patients have a lot of specific receptors, due to which high blood pressure is maintained – at the same time, they are also used by the virus to enter the cell.



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