Zakharova responded to the US Secretary of State who accused Russia of aggressive actions

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova accused NATO of interfering in the internal affairs of states the words of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who accused the Russian Federation of aggressive actions.

The representative of the Russian department quoted the head of American diplomacy, who said that the only aggression allegedly comes only from Russia.

“Syria , Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia – NATO's open armed aggression led by the United States. Ukraine is the leadership of anti-constitutional coups, “Zakharova recalled, stressing that in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Belarus there were” demonstrative attempts to overthrow the government using elements of a hybrid war, carried out by the United States and NATO countries. “

Also she noted that hundreds of operations aimed at interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign states and changing their political agenda is a “NATO routine”. “So, such statements by the Secretary of State are nothing more than a failed attempt to bring an ideological basis for the” summit of democracies “organized by Washington,” Zakharova concluded.

Earlier, Blinken warned that Russia would face “very serious consequences.” not only on the part of the United States, but also on the part of the European Union, if it “continues the confrontational course and renews its aggression against Ukraine.”



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