Gradsky's wards in “The Voice” recalled the words that annoyed the artist

Ward of the singer Gradsky on the “Voice” Kirillov: the artist was annoyed by people's pity for him Voice “told what kind of person their mentor was and remembered the artist's words, writes

Despite the poor health and deteriorating health in recent years, the singer continued to work. He didn’t want to interrupt the project and didn’t like it when people felt sorry for him. The participant of the show, Viktor Kirillov, specified that Gradsky continued to demonstrate optimism. “He really didn’t like it when people started feeling sorry for him because of his well-being, it was very annoying for Gradsky,” he said.

The mentor was always in touch with his charges and helped them with valuable advice. “From our last conversation I remembered his words:” Vit, you are very powerful! When I listened to how you fly up there in this song, I thought, you will simply demolish the people. Therefore, try to do it lightly, “Kirillov clarified.

Another member of the Gradsky team, Tatyana Kachurina, talked to the singer the day before he lost consciousness and was admitted to the hospital with suspected stroke. He advised the artist, going on stage, to remember only about art and not pay attention to what others think. “I just felt this father’s shoulder, and it’s a big blow for me that everything happened this way,” she added.

In the fall, the artist suffered a coronavirus, broke his leg, his condition seriously worsened: Gradsky stopped walking on his own … He passed away on November 28 at the age of 72.