Zakharova gave advice to Americans after forecasting Russian invasion of Ukraine

Zakharova: the American press should turn its attention to the aggression not of Russia, but of the United States to aggressive actions not by Russia, but by the United States. This is how she reacted to Western publications about a significant accumulation of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, her words are quoted by Kommersant.

The diplomat considered unfounded the information of the Americans about the allegedly predicted 2022 and ongoing Moscow preparations for the invasion of Ukraine … “The Russian armed forces on Russian territory are the legal right of a sovereign state,” she explained.

According to Zakharova, the situation is escalating in the United States. She suggested that American journalists focus on NATO's actions on the border with Ukraine. According to Zakharova, the Western media are again acting according to “classical tactics” – in the new publications of the Americans “only the scale of impudence and lies are impressive.” … According to intelligence data, up to 175,000 Russian troops could be involved in the invasion, half of which are already on the border with Ukraine. It is noted that Russia is preparing to transfer 100 battalion tactical groups along with armored vehicles, artillery and other equipment to the Ukrainian border in the near future.



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