The loss of Crimea is linked to the active desire of Ukraine to join the European Union

Analyst Snegovaya: Ukraine lost Crimea in 2014 due to its desire to enter the EU

Ukraine lost Crimea in 2014 due to active aspiration to get into the European Union. This connection was highlighted in her article for the National Interest magazine by a researcher at the Atlantic Council, Maria Snegovaya.

She is convinced that the “red line” drawn by Russia seven years ago has nothing to do with the possible accession of Kiev to NATO.

“There is hardly an option suggesting the independent existence of Ukraine, which would satisfy the Kremlin,” Snegovaya admitted. The analyst also notes in his article that “the Kremlin's appetites will grow” over time.

On the eve of the ex-adviser to the US Congress Ariel Cohen said that Ukraine voluntarily gave up Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet to Russia in 2014. According to him, corruption and incompetence prevent the country from “stopping its dependence on Moscow.” He called on Kiev to get rid of “the habit of voluntary sabotage,” which manifested itself “in the war with Russia in 2014, when the Ukrainian army gave up Crimea and its own Black Sea Fleet.”

Crimea became part of Russia after what took place there in March 2014 referendum, in which the majority of the inhabitants of the peninsula spoke in favor of reunification.