Three signs of quality fireworks are identified

Technodinamika urged to check the appearance and expiration date when buying fireworks

choose quality fireworks. Experts named three signs of a worthy product in an interview with URA.RU. Among them is the expiration date of the fireworks.

When buying pyrotechnic products, there are three things to check: the place of sale, the appearance of the packaging and the inscriptions on it. Experts urged not to purchase deformed goods and goods with damaged packaging. In this case, the inscriptions must be made in Russian.

“Products in packaging with inscriptions in a foreign language with glued instructions in Russian, as a rule, were not intended for Russia during manufacture, which means they may not correspond to Russian safety requirements “, – explained the experts.

The experts added that the packaging of the fireworks must indicate the exact coordinates of the manufacturer or exporter, wholesale centers and the market circulation mark (EAC). If these data are not available, then the products may be counterfeit.

“You should not buy items with an expired date. They can work unpredictably, “the experts concluded.

Earlier, the Russians were warned of an” explosive “rise in prices for fireworks and petards. Their value in the country is expected to skyrocket 60-70 percent due to Chinese suppliers.