The lawyer appreciated the chances of punishing neighbors for too loud sex

Lawyer Tyagay stated that there is no punishment in Russia for interfering with neighbors' intimacy sounds neighbors can call the police if they suspect that violence is taking place in the apartment, said Ekaterina Tyagay, partner of the Pen & Paper Bar Association, writes RIA Novosti.

Different Russian regions have their own laws on silence. As a rule, they are about a ban on exceeding the noise level in homes over 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night, hours of rest. These indicators can disrupt screaming, singing, whistling, or other activities that the resident of an apartment building will not like.

Sounds of sex, even too loud and disturbing others, are outside the rule of law. There is no administrative punishment for them in Russian legislation. Tyagai explained that such sounds are classified as noise that accompanies normal human activities. This eliminates the possibility of punishing neighbors.

People can call the police only if they suspect that violence is taking place next to them. “Police officers will have the right of access to the apartment to check the neighbors' statements about the crime being committed,” the lawyer assessed the chances of punishing the neighbors. If residents do not open the door to law enforcement officers, they have the right to break it.

In practice, the sounds usually stop until the police arrive, and the “loving neighbors” are discussed.

Previously, doctors stated that strenuous physical activity, including having sex, is not recommended within three days of COVID-19 vaccination.



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