Russian film critic responded to reports about Ridley Scott swearing at him

Dolin's film critic about Ridley Scott who swore at him: I myself ran into rudeness Ridley Scott and said that “he himself ran into rudeness.” He left his comment on the discussion of this situation in the press on his Facebook account.

In his message, the film critic was outraged that the situation that happened between him and the director received wide coverage and, in his opinion, excessive attention … He suggested that “the reason that the 'news' was hyped up was the general joy of thousands of people that someone (and a very famous one) had replaced 'this Valley'.”

The film critic also revealed the details of an interview with Ridley Scott, in which the director used foul language. According to Dolin, the conversation with the 84-year-old filmmaker took place in September, while Kinotavr was being held in Sochi and the critic took part in the festival. The Valley was supposed to have a short five-minute online interview, but it lasted twice as long. In addition, according to Dolina, there were several other important circumstances: the hotel where he worked had network problems, because of the film festival, the critic was busy with work, and while preparing for an interview with Ridley Scott, he learned that the conversation would take place much Before.

According to his story, having learned that the interview with the director would be in five minutes, he began to “urgently establish communication and install a computer, without really having time to prepare questions.” During the conversation, when the director ran out of questions, he asked about the realism of the new film “The Last Duel” in comparison with the previous ones.

“Scott seems to be offended. If the situation was a little different, I would have been more careful and delicate, ”Dolin said. He added that it never occurred to him to complain about what had happened: “In my understanding, I myself ran into rudeness.”

“There was no reason for the incident imagined by many. And Scott did not send “Anton Dolin”, he sent an interviewer anonymous for him – one among dozens of others. He did not know and does not know that I am a critic in my country, “Dolin concluded.

Earlier, Dolin published a new episode of the Radio Dolin program on YouTube. He dedicated the program to the work of Ridley Scott, who shot the first part of “Alien”, “Gladiator”, “Blade Runner”, “The Martian” and other films. In the issue, the critic inserted an excerpt from an interview he had with Scott. In the conversation, the film critic noted that the film “The Last Duel” has much more realism than the previous works of the director – “Robin Hood” and “Kingdom of Heaven”. In response to this comment, Scott swore at the interlocutor and sent him. “Fuck you,” said the director.



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