Rosguards rescued children from a burning school

Rosgvardia officers in Vladikavkaz evacuated scholars from a burning school This was reported in the press service of the North Caucasian District of the National Guard troops.

The incident occurred on December 3. A message about a fire in an educational institution was received at the desk of the attendant, and two groups were sent on alert. The National Guard reported the incident to the emergency services, after which they took a ladder from the workers and organized the evacuation of children and teachers from the windows of the second floor.

The evacuation was complicated by strong smoke from the fire exit. Before the arrival of the firefighters, they were able to take out some of the children, the rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations completed the evacuation. As a result of the incident, no one was injured.

In 2019, Rosgvardia employees evacuated 40 people from a burning apartment building in Penza. The private security crew, while on the patrol route, received a message about the fire and went to the scene. One of the fighters, Ruslan Baikin, said that by the time the crew arrived, the roof and attic were already engulfed in flames. “I was surprised: no neighbors shouts, no fire engine sirens. Complete silence, and only the crackle of burning slate. There was no one on the street, in the yard, ”he added. The National Guard immediately began evacuating the residents. People had to be woken up, many did not understand what was happening. After that, together with the police, the fighters cordoned off the area of ​​the fire. Nobody was hurt.