Olga Golodets presented Sberbank's healthcare industry at Expo 2020

Olga Golodets presented the healthcare industry of Sberbank at Expo 2020 in Dubai The future of medicine: the human brain and digital mind at the heart of scientific discoveries ”at the“ Forum of Russia: Determining the Future ”, which is held as part of the world exhibition“ Expo 2020 ”in Dubai.

Session attendees said MedTech is growing exponentially as it meets an important public demand for quality, affordable healthcare. Innovative technologies are designed to protect against disease and global challenges. The introduction into clinical practice of cellular and gene therapy technologies, enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) systems, will help doctors cope with various diseases.

Olga Golodets noted that Sberbank, having accumulated tremendous experience in introducing new technologies in the financial industry, is now developing its products, services and solutions in other areas. Forming its own healthcare industry, Sberbank strives to put its competencies at the service of people and society through the implementation and implementation of high-tech services to maintain health.

“Healthcare of the future will allow us to solve two main tasks – to increase life expectancy and improve its quality. We create our services on the basis of an already new model of providing medical care of the future and the person at the center of it. Sberbank's healthcare industry is constantly improving and develops solutions in the field of new formats of medical care, a digital approach to ensuring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, new laboratory testing technologies and the use of medical devices, '' Olga Golodets noted. —Digital services, scoring and predictive models will be able to identify the causes of diseases earlier and prevent their consequences. The use of artificial intelligence models will make it possible to look completely differently at the system of managing one's own health. ”

The healthcare industry of Sberbank is represented by companies operating on the eHealth market in the B2C, B2B and B2G directions: these are SberZdorovye (telemedicine), SBER EAPTEKA (drug delivery) and SberMedII (application of AI technologies in medicine).

SberZdorovye has over 14 million clients. Through the service, you can use the consultations of doctors of more than 25 specialties, and therapists and pediatricians respond to requests within 5 minutes. Sberbank was one of the first in Russia to introduce a remote monitoring service for COVID patients, and then included citizens with chronic diseases in it. Today this service covers more than 42 thousand citizens of the country.

SBER EAPTEKA has become one of the most popular online pharmacies in Russia in just two years. The pharmacy chain has more than 90 hubs and 3000 pick-up points, the product range is 70,000 items. In 2021, the company completed 11 million orders across the country.

Sberbank united 58 operating models based on AI within the SberMedII platform – Medical Digital Diagnostic Center. The development was created to help doctors in making diagnoses and making medical decisions based on the data of the initial admission, instrumental and laboratory diagnostics. The system of assistance in making medical decisions – the “TOP-3” smart doctor assistant, developed by Sber together with the Moscow government, helped the doctors of the capital's polyclinics to make 2 million diagnoses and became a laureate of the UN competition.