Merkel, outgoing Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, addressed the people for the last time

Angela Merkel in her last address called on Germans to be vaccinated against COVID-19

Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her last address The head of government called on Germans to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Her request was circulated on Saturday, December 4, by the press service of the country's Cabinet of Ministers, TASS reports.

In her last message, Merkel recalled that while at the post of the German Chancellor, she managed to record over 600 video messages to the people. p>

According to Merkel, she published the very first video podcast in June 2006 before the World Cup in Germany. In subsequent messages, the politician touched upon and covered in detail the issues of security, culture, digitalization, gender equality in the country.

Merkel stressed that she attached particular importance to the podcast during the coronavirus pandemic. “During the peak of this fourth wave, we are in a very serious situation, in some regions of our country it can even be called dramatic,” explained the Acting German Chancellor.

Angela Mergel will resign on December 8. The current head of the German government will step down immediately after the election of the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Olaf Scholz, as the new chancellor.

On December 2, a solemn ceremony of the army's farewell to the current chancellor Angela Merkel took place. 200 people were invited to the ceremony – all 52 federal ministers during her reign and other associates. Throughout the day, the military band rehearsed Merkel's favorite musical compositions, which, according to tradition, she herself chose for the event.



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