The presenter of Channel One spoke about a shameful incident in life

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya admitted that as a child she ran away from home life. In the show “Being Human” of the “Sberzvuk” project, the release of which is available on YouTube, she told the story of how she ran away from home as a child, and how this incident affected her life.

For 13 years this breakdown happened, when suddenly I told my mother: “I will go for a walk,” and she said to me: “Take your sister and go,” I say: “No, I will go for a walk myself where I want to go for a walk,” – shared Baranovskaya and added that then for the first time she left somewhere without the permission of her parents. The TV presenter noted that she has a very patient character, but for some moments from the transition period she is still ashamed.

“I realized that I don’t want this anymore, it always happens in my life , I have some incredible patience, I endure for a very long time, I endure everything, I don’t notice, but if it clicks once, I won’t come back, ”Baranovskaya admitted. According to her, her attitude to many things changed at the very moment when she confronted her parents for the first time.

“But then, of course, all this softened, the transitional age passed, and there are moments for which I I am still wildly ashamed in front of my mother, I pronounce them aloud, ”the TV presenter admitted. She noted that she tries to voice some situations for which she is ashamed on the air. “Surprisingly, this is how my mother hears better for some reason, more penetrates into her heart,” she concluded.

Earlier, Baranovskaya denied rumors that Alexander Gordon, co-host in the Male/Female program, would leave show. The TV presenter added that she spends time with a colleague on the set of the program every day, and stressed that a new episode is on air every day.