FMBA told about “tuning” of coronavirus

Infectionist FMBA Nikiforov called the coronavirus “tuned”

The coronavirus is of natural origin, but some of its features are atypical for such an infection. This was stated by the chief infectious disease specialist of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) of Russia, Vladimir Nikiforov, his words are quoted by the radio station “Moscow Says”.

According to the expert, someone could modify the coronavirus. “Initially, the virus, of course, is natural, but some skillful hands are attached to it. This thing we have tuning. It was tweaked a little, “he said.

The expert noted that due to peculiarities unusual for coronavirus, it gets out of the patterns characteristic of respiratory viral infections.

” There was some kind of emergency situation. Nobody specifically released this virus anywhere, “Nikiforov said.

Earlier, Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor at the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University (Virginia, USA), virologist Ancha Baranova described the version of the artificial origin of the coronavirus. She explained that the virus can be “evolved” in vitro to produce its various mutations, which is why some experts believe that such experiments could lead to the emergence of SARS-CoV-2.



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