The lawyer commented on the charges in the treason case to the founder of Group-IB

The lawyer of the founder of Group-IB commented on the publication of Bloomberg about Sachkov

Sergey Afanasyev, lawyer of the founder of Group-IBS Ilya, said that the information of Bloomberg that his client could be accused of transferring data about the interference of Russian hackers in the US elections to the American authorities is untrue.

Earlier on December 3, Bloomberg, citing informed sources, reported that Sachkov, who is being held in the high treason case, could be accused of transferring information to the Americans about the Russian hacker group Fancy Bear and their attempts to interfere in the US presidential elections in 2016. According to the newspaper, this information helped the authorities find the GRU agents who allegedly participated in the cyberattacks.

According to Afanasyev, Bloomberg based its publication on speculation and assumptions. “These are their guesses and assumptions, nothing more,” added the defender. At the same time, he himself did not comment on the case of his client in connection with the secrecy of the materials.

Sachkov was arrested on September 29. He is charged with the transfer of secret information to foreign intelligence, which caused reputational and national damage to the interests of Russia. The criminal case was classified as “secret”.