The “golden rule” of Ukrainian diplomacy was shared in Kiev

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba: Russia has no right to influence Ukraine's accession to NATO

Russia has no right to influence the process of Ukraine's accession to NATO. This was stated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba to the AFP agency, his words are quoted by Twitter departments.

He called on NATO to reject Russia's alleged demand for guarantees of Ukraine’s non-acceptance into the North Atlantic Alliance and declared that such decisions were unacceptable.

In addition, Kuleba also shared the “golden rule” of Ukrainian diplomacy. “No decisions on Ukraine without Ukraine. Therefore, if anyone, even our closest friends, decides something related to Ukraine behind our back, we will not recognize this decision, “the Foreign Minister explained.

Earlier, Kuleba said that NATO countries are ready to expand cooperation with the Ukrainian side in the military-technical sphere. He also noted that the alliance is ready to send “clear signals” to Moscow that any wave of armed aggression against Kiev will become an “unbearable burden” for it.