The cost of a trip to the North Pole has been disclosed

Poseidon Expeditions founder Saveliev: a trip to the North Pole will cost 2.4 million million rubles per person for 13 days. A tour to Svalbard or Greenland is more affordable – from 40 thousand rubles per day. Nikolay Savelyev, the founder of the Poseidon Expeditions club of polar travels, told RIA Novosti about this in an interview.

He explained that there is only one way to get to the North Pole – on the 50 Let Pobedy nuclear icebreaker. The ship belongs to the Rosatom company, and travelers, in turn, rent it. The icebreaker starts from Murmansk and can carry up to 120 passengers.

Saveliev noted that cruises to other points of the Arctic – to Greenland, Svalbard, Franz Josef Land or Antarctica – are cheaper. “Now a trip to Svalbard or Franz Josef Land is no more expensive than a trip to good Turkish hotels. Here, rather, the question is that a person is interested in how educated he is. Such a tour costs 40-50 thousand rubles per person per day. The journey lasts on average 10 days, “he said.

Saveliev noted that the cost of each cruise includes transport (nuclear-powered or other expeditionary vessel), accommodation, meals, equipment and excursions. Travelers can also live in comfortable conditions during the trip. For the traveler, according to the organizer, only moral preparation remains.

“But this is not a luxury, of course, because this is a real icebreaker, not a cruise ship. Everything is quite simple, but functional. People don't pay big bucks for carpets and expensive food. They pay for new knowledge and impressions, for meeting unique people, “- explained the founder of the polar travel club.

” To reach the North Pole, visit the icebreaker and see the islands and archipelagos of the Northern Sea Route, including Franz Josef Land is the northernmost territory of Russia. This trip, in which you feel like you are outside the Earth. Travelers can see with their own eyes how the climate is changing and learn as much about it as possible, because scientists and polar experts are traveling with us on the icebreaker: marine biologists, glaciologists, ecologists, “Saveliev described.

In February, VTsIOM held a study that revealed that 41 percent of Russians want to travel to the Arctic. Men more than women ever get to the North. At the same time, two percent of those surveyed have already been to the Arctic.



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