In Russia, they replied with a proverb to the words about the voluntary surrender of Crimea by Kiev

Political scientist Balbek: the Ukrainian authorities are ashamed to admit that Crimea hated and despised them

Ukraine voluntarily renounced the armed struggle for Crimea in 2014, not because of weakness or “Maidan syndrome”, the new authorities of the republic were ashamed to admit that the peninsula hated them and despised. This was stated by the former State Duma deputy, political scientist Ruslan Balbek, commenting on the words of the former adviser to the US Congress, Ph.D. and political scientist Ariel Cohen, Izvestia reports on Friday, December 3.

Balbek pointed out that the mood of the bulk of the Crimean residents was significantly different from those that prevailed among the supporters of the new government in Kiev. In addition, the Russian Black Sea Fleet was “a rather sobering factor”.

“Having weighed their chances, the Maidan authorities decided not to get involved in the war for Crimea and gave up everything that was there,” he stated, noting that now “they are ashamed to admit that the peninsula hated and despised them.” At the same time, the former State Duma deputy admitted that Cohen, speaking about the problems of Ukraine, was right, because “having taken off their hair they don’t cry,” he recalled a saying.

Former adviser to the US Congress Ariel Cohen previously stated that Ukraine voluntarily gave up Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet to Russia in 2014. According to him, corruption and incompetence prevent Ukraine from “stopping to depend on Moscow.” He called on Kiev to get rid of “the habit of voluntary sabotage.” Cohen stressed that it manifested itself “in the war with Russia in 2014, when the Ukrainian army gave up Crimea and its own Black Sea fleet.”